In today’s hyper digital world, People-to-People, People-to-Things and Things-to-Things are connected.

Data is everywhere… in every connection and it’s not just about technology but more about People and Impact. Innovators are disrupting the markets while keeping Customer Experience at the core.

The Platform

Rubics is a new-age Data Science platform that helps enterprises maximize business value from their data. With Rubics, anyone can ask sophisticated business questions using familiar business terms and derive actionable insights.

Enterprises can understand their Markets, Consumers, Supply Chains to improve Customer Experience, develop more compelling products, innovate new Business Models, and achieve Business Success.

With Rubics, Data Science is not a Rocket Science!

Rubics is Simple, Fast, Flexible and yet very Powerful!

Rubics Solution Methods

Rubics democratizes Data Science for everyone. When the whole company has reliable, trustworthy answers–and analysts are no longer a bottleneck — everyone can get answers to their own questions and make more informed, data-driven decisions – beyond just gut-feelings.

Rubics Solution Methods is a toolkit for effective usage and success of your every data science project.

Rubics Value Proposition

Rubics works like an ‘Operating System for Data Scientists’, enabling them to CREATE new value, COMPETE to win, monitor to CONTROL, and COLLABORATE to succeed!
To make Machine Learning simple, at the core of Rubics Platform, there is a combination of very powerful Data Science Workbench and host of pre-built Functions Algorithms & Natural Language Processors. Rubics works in harmony with various data sources like social media, sensors & machine data, images & videos, RDBMS, open data and so on.


Enterprise edition

Enterprise edition is for the businesses and various departments from them. It follows the licensing pattern and all the features are available to the users having the license.

Academia edition

Academia edition is for qualified instructors and students to encourage experimentation with data and enable students with the data science track.

Community edition

Community edition is the free version available with limited features. Subscribe to experience the platform and explore the features.

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