Industry 4.0


Reports state that the Smart factory industry is poised to touch $215 billion by 2025 and most of the major economies in the world are adopting it. (source)

Rubics in Action


  • Identify factors contributing failures of the machines/equipment
  • Identify root cases for failures of the machines/equipment
  • Predict the machine/equipment failure in advance to trigger preventive maintenance
  • Identify operating conditions for efficient working of machine/equipment


  • Analysis of failure types and impact with help of Pareto Chart analysis
  • Identify anomaly dictation with statistical control chart.
  • Balancing dataset from imbalance dataset of failure rate.
  • Create additional variable using Engineering feature selection and develop the advanced classification model to prediction of risk score of machines.

Why Rubics

Using Rubics’ advanced machine learning algorithms you can analyse & process data collected from sensors, machines, smart meters, vehicles, transport terminals and network systems to provide early warning for errors and prevent potential system failures from impacting the business cycle. You can Develop, Deploy and Manage IoT applications to automate processes and extract signals from noise by classifying the data as it comes.

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