Customer Experience


A recent study suggests that 58% of enterprises are seeing a significant increase in customer retention and loyalty as a result of using customer analytics. 39% of enterprise execs consider IoT an important technology today for improving CX increasing to 55% in two years.

Rubics in Action


To get a clear and complete customer view, from internal and external data sources. Analyse social media to understand the trends and customer sentiments. Empower users to handle large size and complexity of data


The customer team leverages a unique solution built on Rubics for:
Comprehensive analyses of news and Social Media feeds to understand market trends. Entity extraction, linking and effective use of Text Classification Algorithms to classify news and Social Media feed into various classifications. Sentiment detection from the extracted data. Frequency and correlation analysis on the textual data

Why Rubics

Rubics can help you open doors to a host of possibilities in managing the customer experience. Sales and marketing professionals can make better data-driven decisions to engage the customers in the most efficient way by offering personalised services to loyal customers. With automated models to Reduce marketing and campaign costs, track customer satisfaction and service / product quality throughout the customer journey.

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