By 2025, Deloitte projects that 10% of global GDP will be built on blockchain applications. One of the recent studies from Global Market Insights, Inc. finds that global blockchain technology in the healthcare market is predicted to exceed $1,636.7 million by 2025.

Rubics in Action


To get a clear and complete customer view, from internal and external data sources. Analyse social media to understand the trends and customer sentiments. Empower users to handle large size and complexity of data


The customer team leverages a unique solution built on Rubics for:
Comprehensive analyses of news and Social Media feeds to understand market trends. Entity extraction, linking and effective use of Text Classification Algorithms to classify news and Social Media feed into various classifications. Sentiment detection from the extracted data. Frequency and correlation analysis on the textual data

Why Rubics

Rubics can help you prevent identity theft, fraud, and illicit transactions in the blockchain, by building and deploying algorithms that can detect anomalous behaviour anywhere or at any point of time along the chain. Identify patterns with consumer spending and risky transactions quicker than as compared to traditional methods which reduces the cost with real-time transactions.

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