Artificial Intelligence


AI in the workplace & by 2020, 20 percent of operational bank staff engaged in back-office activities will rely on AI to do nonroutine work. Enterprise investment in AI, machine learning, and RPA is set to hit $232 billion by 2025 according to a report from KPMG.

Rubics in Action


  • Provide Better forecast for the store to generate revenue
  • To analyse the market trend accurately.
  • To establish sales performance goals for the organisation.
  • Provide insights to marketing teams for improvement of the services.
  • Helps in preparing the budget and maintain the inventory of the products.


The customer team leverages Rubics’s solution to:

  • Will help in forecasting real time sales data.
  • Understand what the current market conditions and decisions can be taken based on that.
  • Set prices for each individual brand depending on their target audience.
  • Helps in generating demand based on the forecasted results and optimise the inventory.

Why Rubics

AI amongst the many applications it has, can help control sales activities, optimize your maintenance or risk management. With the application of concepts like neural networks, Rubics helps you build recommendation engines to promptly meet customer needs, establish image classification/recognition and natural language processing to automate and simplify even the smallest processes.

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